Sunday, July 10, 2016

2016 CCCC Convention photos

To see a slide show of the photos from the 2016 CCCC Convention click on the link to the right.

NEW! Cookie Stamps Update

NEW!  June 2016 the Cookie Stamps Update with information on new cookie stamps and new information found since the 2014 edition of Cookie Stamps.  This edition has 36 pages of photos and links to websites.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Can You Spell Cookies

This is a database of Alphabet and Number Cookie Cutters available as a 65 page PDF file on CD.  
Originally compiled by Virginia Reeping for "School Days" meeting September 2006.  Items taken from newsletters, Ebay, cookie cutter boxes, magazines, catalogs, & reference books.  Updated and edited by Arlene Lipman for "Can You Spell Cookies?" meeting of the Rocky Mountain CutUps, October 2011.  Additional items added January 2012.      Cost is $10 + $4 s&h 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Cookie Cutter Collector's Club Photos

There are slide shows and links of the CCCC conventions on my Photo Blog.

Cookie Stamps

Announcing: "Cookie Stamps", everything you always wanted to know about cookie stamps. This new book from Arlene Lipman has 131 pages including lists of the Brown Bag decorative stamps and the Wilton plastic stamps. This book is footnoted with info on the various companies that currently have cookie stamps for sale. The photos are from the collections of a number of CCCC member's collections as well as pics that were taken from various web sites. 
The book sells for $40 + $5 s&h. 

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Please contact Arlene at for address and phone information.

Advertising Cutters Notebooks Index

Over the years collectors have assembled information about the history of cookie cutters.  Milli Simerl was one of the historians who gave talks and wrote about cutters.  With the help of Lee Stephenson, six notebooks were published starting in 1999.  There were 3 notebooks about flour cutters:
  • Flour Cutters Volume I (A-G),
  • Flour Cutters Volume II (H-Pillsbury), 
  • Flour Cutters Volume III
  • and Baking Powder Advertising Cutters;
  • The Sweet One, Advertising and Premium Cutters from products using Sugar and Sweeteners;
  • and Advertising and Unusual Aluminum Cookie Cutters.
With Lee's permission, I have scanned the notebooks and compiled indexes for them.  There are 3 different indexes:
  • Brand Index, with all of the articles and illustrations compiled by brand name;
  • Comprehensive Index which compiles all the information alphabetically;  
  • and Index by Shape
The notebook PDF's are bookmarked to make it easy to locate a page when you find a cutter or article you want to read about.  I have formatted the pages for ease in reading by turning some of the pages and eliminating the blank pages.  If you are interested in printing the notebooks to paper, I have saved them in a separate folder labeled "For Print". This has all the pages as they were originally produced with the blank pages. 

PDF's of the notebooks and indexes are all together on a CD available for  $30 + $3 s&h

For those who do not have computer access:

Printed version of the index alone is $30.00 (3-hole punched) + s&h
Complete Advertising Cutters Notebooks is $60.00 (3-hole punched) + s&h
(call or email for s&h rates)