Sunday, June 1, 2008


Around Ohio was a newsletter for cookie cutter collectors which was published from April 1979 to March 2000. I have compiled a comprehensive index for Around Ohio volumes 1 thru 21. I combined all of the indexes that were produced by the editors of the newsletter and went thru each issue, page by page adding references as needed. I have indexed every illustration by both manufacturer and cutter shape. Each of the books mentioned in the Bookworm columns has also been indexed. In all, there are almost 17,000 citations in the three separate indexes. These indexes are available in PDF format on a CDRom with the complete set of Around Ohio, Volumes 1-21 (April 1979 to March 2000). (PDF documents are readable by any computer using a free Acrobat Reader program) All of the Around Ohio newsletters were scanned and bookmarked so that you can go easily to any page in the document. The indexes can be opened separately on your computer desktop and used to find a mention in the newsletter.

The price per CD is $30.00 + $3 s&h
To order your CD, please email me for the mailing address:

For those who do not have computer access:
Printed version of the index alone is $30.00 (3-hole punched) + s&h
Complete Volumes 1-21, Around Ohio $60.00 (3-hole punched) + s&h
(call or email for s&h rates)